Anke Atamer Children Films 2015

Anke Atamer Children Films

In collaboration with the Istanbul International Children Film Festival we invite our youngest members to venture into the world of cinema.

Who is Anke Atamer?

Anke Atamer was born in Hamburg, Germany on September 19, 1940 as the daughter of a writer Georg Büsing and an accountant Waltraut Büsing. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Hamburg. After having worked at German Embassy in Moscow for 2 years as an au pair, she began her Vocational School internship at “Constance” magazine. It was during that time when she met Baykurt Atamer. They got married in Istanbul in 1963. Her son Kerim was born in 1965 and her daughter Yeşim was born in 1968. As a result of her husband’s early retirement due to political reasons, they migrated to Germany in 1979. However, the sudden decease of her husband in 1980 brought her back to Turkey since she decided to raise her children there. Starting from the second half of the 1970s, Anke Atamer gave private German lessons. Having turned these lessons into a proper occupation, she decided to establish a summer school in Bozcaada due to the fact that her students did not use their foreign language skills in summer months. The aim was, on the one hand, to provide them with an opportunity to improve their German and on the other hand encourage their creativity and contribute to their intellectual development via various activities. As a matter of fact, this adventure that started with 5 students in 1982 turned quickly into a three-week camp to which approximately 150 students participated every summer. Until she handed over the camp in 1997, Anke Atamer tried to teach almost a thousand young people love of nature, the idea of living together in peace, showing love and respect to each other, and also having fun to one’s heart content other than teaching German in this camp on Bozcaada. Up until her death on August 21, 2014, she continued giving voluntary courses and showing vigorous efforts for the development of ecological and cultural tourism on the island without ruining the natural fabric there. She was a true friend to animals as well. She made a lot of effort for the creation of an animal shelter for the animals of the island.


IICFF is the first children’s film festival for the children of our country. Through film festivals, it presents special films that were made for children in different countries of the world and have not been screened in our country before.

Our special thanks for this section to happen to:

Theodora Nikolitsopoulou, Christian Ditter, Renate Zylla, David Alaux, Eric Tosti, Flora van den Speulhof, Johanna Paulke, Şule Tükel, İrem Nas, Semra Tamyürek, Mustafa Tamyürek and Erdal Önsöz