Panorama 2015

2015 Panorama

Documentaries from all over the world show the different approaches to see the problems locally and globally. However, there seem to be similar problems all around the globe. This year we created those categories summing up the documentaries:

Food: What do we eat?, The cost of energy, The cost of tourism, Indigenous Life – The right to life, Habitat, Looking Back, Labor, Disruption, The Shadows of Life, Borders of senses.


Food: What do we eat? What will we eat?

Food production, agricultural challenges and the question about the future are the main topics in this section.

The cost of energy

Energy – the main source of modern life. But what about the shadows of energy production? What about the disasters brought already upon us because of energy production? What about the future? What about the local populations concerned directly by the challenges of energy production? How to solve the problems of waste? Just some of the main questions in this section.

The cost of tourism

Tourism – main income of many regions. But what are the back sides of this sector?

Indigenous Life – The right to life

Many resources for the industrial life are to be found in indigenous owned land. Without respect for their culture and history, as well as their right to life the outside world is exploiting their land, polluting their habitat and dumping waste on their holy sites. In this section we have some resourceful and strong voices fighting for their rights.

Looking Back

While new forms of resistance grow all over the planet we wantpanorama to look back and see what kind of lessons can be drawn by earlier resistance movements and fighters for a better world.


The world of labor is where most of the people spend their life-time. Labor causing illness, pollution, rural exodus and sustaining poverty are at the base of this section.


Wars and forced migration – the main topic for the last few years…

There are predictions of about 200 million of climate refugees by 2050. The documentaries of this section tell us the stories of some refugees and victims of conflicts.

The shadows of life

In this section we find some documentaries of communities, individuals or groups put on the margins of life.


Our senses limit or broaden our perception of life. The documentaries shown in this section explore our universe of senses.