Panorama – 2014

2014 Panorama

BIFED 2014 Panorama Section consists of 40 documentaries and short films. The subsections are thematically organized: Water, Urbanity, Earth, Globalization, Regional Interest, Labor, Resistance, KALAN and Anke Atamer Children Films Section.


This section is dedicated to documentaries researching the lost and the past. Documentaries looking to understand political and social trauma buried in the past, influencing the present as well as the cultural and ecological loss through globalization and modernization.

(Thanks to the support of KALAN and Z-Yapım)


In order to attract the attention of children of Bozcaada, introduce them to the world of documentary, and create awareness about the environment in them, there are special screenings for children. “Anke Atamer Children Films Section” is organized in memory of Anke Atamer, remembered for her engagement for the environment and children’s education. Her summer camps have touched the development of countless young people.