CHAR…The No-Man’s Island

CHAR…The No-Man’s Island


CHAR… The No-Man’s Island

…Moddhikhane Char

Sourav Sarangi

India, 2013, 88’

Editing: Sourav Sarangi
Photography: Sourav Sarangi, Rabindranath Das, Minarul Mondal
Producer: Sourav Sarangi
Producer Company: Son et Lumiere
Sound: Dipankar Chaki, Shinichiro Ogata

Young Rubel wants to join school in India but reality forces him to smuggle rice everyday by crossing the river Ganga, the international border between India and Bangladesh. The same river eroded his home. Now he lives in CHAR, an island within the river, which starts eroding now.

Sourav Sarangi, born in 1964, studied geology but later joined FTII, a reputed film school in India to learn film editing. Currently he is involved in international co-productions as an independent producer and director. The few documentaries and fictions Sourav made won awards and accolade worldwide.

Bilal, 2008 (documentary)
Bhangon (Erosion), 2006
Tusu Katha (The Tale of Tusu), 1997
Darjeeling 24 hours, 1996 (documentary)
Amader Katha (Our Story), 2003 (documentary)
Shubhar Katha (Story of Shubhar)
Ekti Gramer Galpo (A Village Story), 2001 (documentary feature)
Ashray (The Home), 2005 (Fiction)
Roopkathaar Jiban (Living in Fairytale), 2004 (Fiction)
Simanter Nayika (An Actress in the Border), 2004 (Telefilm)
Aponjan (Dear ones), 2004 (Telefilm)
Daakghar (The Post-office), 2003 (Telefilm)

Golden Kapok Award, Best Direction, GZ DOC, China, 2012
ChopShots, Best Documentary Award, Indonesia, 2012
Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus) National Film Award, India, 2012
Bhopal International Film Festival, Special Festival Mention, India, 2013
Tiburon International Film Festival, Golden Reel Award (Best Documentary), USA, 2013
Best Feature Documentary & Best Director, Social Impact Media Award, (SIMA), USA, 2013
International Documentary & Short Film Festival, Kerala, Best Cinematography, India, 2013
UNICEF Nepal Award, FSA Nepal, 2013
Cinema Planeta, Mexico, Jury Special Mention 2014
Berlinale, CINEMA Fairbindet Award, Germany, 2013 (Nominee)
TRT Documentary Award, Turkey, 2013 (Nominee)