Children of Sodom

Children of Sodom


Turkish Premiere

Children of Sodom

Sodoms Kinder

York-Fabian Raabe

Germany, 2013’ 15’07’’

Editing: Helena Ekre, York-Fabian Raabe
Photography: Tobias von dem Borne
Producer: York-Fabian Raabe
Producer Company: York-Fabian Raabe Filmproduktion
Sound: Daniel Engel, Takis Christos Sariannidis

‘Children of Sodom’ shows one day in the lives of the two friends Oko and Kojo*.They are two of approximately 30.000 street children, who live around the electronic waste yard Agbogbloshi within Ghana‘s capital Accra. Most of the e-waste comes from the Western World.
*Names have been altered

York-Fabian Raabe wrote, directed and produced many short films. Based in Berlin he focuses on artistic, social and culturally relevant movies, like his last movie ‘Between Heaven and Earth’. He won several awards around the world (e.g. L.A. Shorts Fest “Best Foreign Film“, Kodak Short Film Award, ARTE Award, Winner Max Ophüls Preis, Michael Ballhaus Award).

Telefonroulette (Episode of Feature Film – Remember Me Berlin), 2014
Children of Sodom (Short Documentary), 2013
Zwischen Himmel und Erde (Short Fiction), 2010

Wendland Shorts Kurzfilmfestival, Best Short Documentary