Lena Deinhardstein: “Kyrgyzstan”

Lena Deinhardstein: “Kyrgyzstan”


The photos are a series of pictures taken on the pastures around the Tien-Shan mountain range. All photographs were captured within several days in the region around the city of Naryn. In the countryside, I was invited by a Kirghiz family to accompany them throughout a day. Their nomadic way of living fascinated me. The photos capture a rare glimpse of a now vanishing life nearly untouched by either the Soviet regime or capitalism. Although this family had to farm in kolkhoz- and factory-like

Lena Deinhardtstein:

A photographer, artist, and yoga teacher, Lena Deinhardstein was born in 1967 in Vienna,Austria. From 1985 to 1991, she made several visits to America and studied journalism,acting and photography. In 1992, she graduated from Vienna’s College of Graphics and Photography.

In the following years she traveled and photographed extensively in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics before settling down in Vienna to raise her two children (born 1999 and 2002).

Since 2001, she has worked as an in-house photographer for MUMOK, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna. She has held numerous exhibitions in Vienna and abroad (“Vienna,“Kyrgyzstan, ”Museum Passage,” “La Grande Arche”), and has also produced short films about artists, serving as director of photography and co-director (“Ein Nachmittag mit Gerhard Rühm,” “Malerei des Moments. Günter Brus”).

She currently lives in Vienna while travelling extensively to the American Southwest.