A River in Dispute

A River in Dispute


A River in Dispute


Marcio Isensee e Sá


Brazil, 2015, 23′, Porteguese


Turkish Premiere



Photography: Marcio Isensee e Sá

Editing: Agência Pública


Salhane, 12.10.2015 Wednesday, 13.00 – 15.00


Synopsis: About to lose their lands to one more hydroelectric power plant that is strategic to Brazilian federal government, Tapajós river communities, one of the most pristine rivers in the country, prepare to defend what is theirs.


Biography: Marcio Isensee e Sá is a photographer and video-maker based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their work focus on social and environmental issues and also in environmental journalism. Contributes to agencies like: O Eco, Agência Pública, Repórter Brasil and others.



Exibition Cine Mateiro, 2015

Filmambiente, Brazil, 2015

CineEco Seia, Portugal

Mostra Eco Falante, Brazil

Cine Cipó, Brazil

Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Australia




Prémio Lusofonia / Camacho Costa – CineEco Seia 2015


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