Dennis Rätzel


Germany, 2015, 83′, German


Turkish Premiere



Photography: Anne Braun

Editing: Dimitris Argyriou

Music: KRTS

Sound: Kai Müller

Producer: Dimitris Argyriou


Community Center, 16.10.2016 Sunday, 16.00 – 18.00


Synopsis: Undune is a documentary about Terra Preta, Toilets and Mars. Terra Preta is a fertile, water storing black soil that can be created out of all types of organic waste including our feces. Yes, feces, they’re inevitable, and when we flush them away, we are wasting our waste while contaminating valuable drinking water. In “Undune”, the knowledge about Terra Preta is discovered by Gregor: he wants to support the colonization of Mars and identifies the cycle of nutrients and water as the main challenge. Through conversations with Terra Preta pioneers and small experiments, he develops a system to make human feces and other organic material usable on a mars base. At the end, there remains just one question: Is there such a thing as useless shit?


Biography: Dennis Raetzel studied physics at the University of Potsdam and did his PhD in the overlap of Relativity and Quantum Physics at the Albert Einstein Institut in Golm. During his PhD, he started to produce his first own short films and became quickly involved in the vivid independent film scene of Berlin. After finishing his PhD, he started the production of his first feature length documentary, Undune, which he finished in 2015. His short films “Light Warriors”(2012) and “Der notleidende Banker”(2013) were screened in several film festivals in Europe.




European Science Film Festival, Vienna, 2015

Ecocup, Moscow, 2016

Utopia Filmfestival, Bremen, 2015

Boddinale, Berlin, 2016

FReDD, Toulouse, 2016

BEFF, Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation, 2016

BUZZ CEE, Buzău, Romania, 2016

FINCA, Buenos Aires, 2016

Nature-Vision, Ludwigsburg, Germany, 2016




‘Special Mention of the Jury’ European Science Film Festival, Vienna, 2015

‘Special Mention of the Jury’ Ecocup, Moscow, 2015

Special Prize of the Jury ‘Objectif Terre 2016’ FReDD, Toulouse, 2016


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