About Bozcaada

Bozcaada known in the Antic world as Leucophrye and in Greek mythology as Tenedos is a small Aegean island with a different climate from its surrounding area, with its clean sea and a life style of its own.

We learn from mythology that Tenes, the grandson of Poseidon, was thrown in a wooden crate into the sea and was washed upon the shores of Leucophrye. Tenes climbed the slopes of the island and settled on the island where he produced grapes from the wild vine. For 3000 years viticulture and production of wine have been the symbols of Tenedos.

Tenedos’ population changed constantly throughout the history due to many invasions, migrations and wars. Since the 1500’s when Tenedos fell under the regime of the Ottoman Empire, Turks and Greeks created a rich common culture. However, due to the forced migration of the Greek population since the 1960’s viticulture and wine production has been disintegrated. During the last decade many efforts were undertaken to revive this old native culture.

Thanks to the fact that the whole island is a natural protected area, extreme and wanton development projects have been prevented to a certain extent up until now; however, the pristine bays and forests of the island are now under the imminent threat of enormous development projects.

It will require the coordinated efforts of all the people who really love nature to carry Bozcaada, its culture, clean environment, local grape varieties, fish, birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, cats and dogs and its peaceful way of living into the future.

Şükran Dinlenmiş