30.10. – 2.11.2014 – BIFED AWARDS 2014

BIFED 2014

Fethi Kayaalp Award (presented by Nathalie Borgers, Cüneyt Cebenoyan & Mark Achbar)

For a film which deals with a vitally important environmental battle being fought both here in Turkey and around the world; a film that celebrates the spirit of activism and inspires us with its humor and humanity, the Fethi Kayaalp Award goes to “A FEW BRAVE PEOPLE” by Rüya Arzu Köksal.

SECOND PRIZE (presented by Tül Akbal & Seray Genç)

A man in exile makes a home in a new country and builds a community of his own. An internationalist and born-environmentalist, he endures the hardships of life and war with the help of friends, nature, and his favorite insect, bees. The second prize goes to “THE BEEKEEPER” by Mano Khalil.

THIRD PRIZE (presented by Yeşim Ustaoğlu & Konstantine Bodjanov)

For its portrayal of the undeniable connection of humanity and nature, expressed through a powerful, simple, and poetic cinematographic language, the third prize goes to: “MY NAME IS SALT” by Farida Pacha

Photos: Alaattin Timur

BIFED 2014 Film Program consisted of 3 sections: International Film Competition, Panorama and Special Screening. 20 documentaries were selected for the Competition, 40 documentaries and short films have been screened in the Panorama section and 3 documentaries in the Special Screening. The documentaries were from more than 20 different countries from all over the World. We are also proud to have been presenting many World-, International and Turkish Premieres in 2014.

BIFED’s award statuets are unique art works, each year created by a different artist from different material with strong connections to Bozcaada. This year’s artists are Erim Bayrı (sculptor) and Zeynep Özdemir (painter) who designed the scripture. The material was Olive wood from Bozcaada.

Best Documentary Award: Fethi Kayaalp Award

The award for the best documentary at BIFED is named after the artist Fethi Kayaalp, who is one of the most important printing artists in Turkey till this day.

Fethi Kayaalp was born and raised on the island of Bozcaada. He graduated from the Nurullah Berk Class of the Fine Arts Academy (todays Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul) in 1947. He worked together with Nurullah Berk, Cemal Tollu and Zeki Kocamemi. At the same time he continued working with Sabri Berkel and Leopold Levy on printing art. He worked as a teacher at Kastamonu High School and at the Bursa Arts Teacher Institute. He was assigned to the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum Restauration Workshop in 1962. In 1966 he became part of the teaching staff at the Federal Fine Arts Academy Printing Class. After retiring from the Academy in 1981 he started working as Art Gallery Advisor, painting restaurator and contiuning his painting and printing career.

Besides his value as a national reknown artist he also influenced the conservation of Bozcaada. Introducing his students and colleagues to Bozcaada and creating platforms where the conservation laws were formed he was vital for keeping the island the jewel as it is today.

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