Zeycan Alkış

Waves drop three fishes down to the sky while carrying them
First is the time. Has no head, nor tail…
Other is the earth. Has both roots and command…
Last is water. Boat of the time, sail of the earth…

We are encompassed by smoke of spirals
That squeezes, tugs, hurls.
Puts on a way that does not exist. Rides the cloud, becomes a flood.
Mounts a hedgehog onto a zeppelin, a boat to a cloud.
Plucks threes out of the earth, blows wind from the sky.

Hopes scatter here and there. Flying brides and orchestra…
Cats warm the deck. Gliding swing and a cart without a horse…
Tangled with green, whirring. Anchor loosened, hard to port!!!

Taner Koçak
Zeycan Alkış

Born in Ankara in 1966, Zeycan Alkış began her studies in Mimar Sinan University, The Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in textile. Her journey of art started with textile, but also crossed paths with other art branches in time. She has continued to paint and produce ceramic works incessantly up until now. In 2007, she has started to engage in engraving with the workshops she attended under the care of Süleyman Saim Tekcan and Eda Tekcan. A member of Ex Libris Association, she describes herself as a museum artist. Recently, she has been mainly working on ‘patterns’ and developing projects. She is an active member of Artist Initiative for Peace and works on web design in her home-office.

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye


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