A Few Ordinary Days

Director: Pınar Nadide Okan

Turkey, 2020



Rural and agricultural production in Turkey is gradually diminishing; villages are being vacated or getting smaller. And the last generation living in those villages is growing up with small and casual fantasies. The future of the last children of villages is ambiguous. On the one hand, there are villages, where life is becoming harder and poorer; on the other hand, there are huge, complex cities. Those cities are outlandish and scary for children who have never left their villages. The documentary “A Few Ordinary Days” exhibits a few days of the daily lives of four children living in different parts of Anatolia, burdened with their concerns for the future, their dreams and their questions.

About Director

She was born in Ankara. She graduated from the Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, Radio-Television and Cinema Department in 2003. Between the years 2004 and 2011, she worked as an assistant director, second director and scriptwriter in numerous documentary projects at the TRT. She has been working as a director and producer in TRT Documentary Programs Department since 2012.


Camera: Mehmet Gülmez

Editing: Yalçın Canavar

Sound: Miraç Memişoğlu

Music: TRT Müzik Arşivi

Producer: Pınar Nadide Okan