A Lifetime Anatolia

Director: Özer Kesemen

Turkey, 2020



It is aimed to draw attention to the biological and endemic natural beauties of Anatolian lands, which have hosted many civilizations for thousands of years and have different cultures.

About Director

He was born in 1975 in Iğdır and completed his primary and secondary education there. He first graduated from Adıyaman Vocational High School’s Textile Department at İnönü University in 1996; then from Kastamonu Education Faculty at Gazi University in 2000. He received his Master’s degree in Social Sciences at Niğde University. He worked as a teacher in many cities. He graduated from the Radio, Television and Cinema Department at Ege University in 2018.


Camera: Özer Kesemen

Editing: Özer Kesemen

Sound: Umut Yıldız

Producer: Özer Kesemen