Kueka: When the Stones Speak

Director: Francisco Denis

Venezuela/Bolivia, 2017



In the year 1998, in the midst of a struggle against the installation of a power line that runs from the hydroelectric plants of Bolivar state to the border with Brazil, the German artist Wolfgang von Schwarzenfeld, near the community Santa Cruz de Mapaurí (Bolivar State), removes a stone jasper 30 tons to be exhibited in Berlin at the Global stone project at the Tiergarten park. The Kueka stone is a rock that is part of the sacred mythology and legends of the founding of the Pemon culture. This stone was extracted without the consent of the Pemon community to be displayed. More than 19 years of diplomatic processes, negotiations, discussions, meetings, the Pemon people still struggle for their return. Kueka When the stones speak is a documentary that shows the different faces of bureaucratic processes, different characters fighting, meet, meet and even mock the feelings of belonging to a people. It is a film proposal of repetitive cycles of the poles of politics.

About Director

Francisco Denis, Theater director and actor with more than 20 national and internationally recognized works. Actor Film in Series of Sony and Netflix and national productions. Filmmaking: Cortomotraje: Blodimery (2016) currently awarded international prizes, and Feature Documentary: Kueka when the stones speak (2017).


Camera: Tony Valera, Julio César Castro

Editing: Zygmunt Cedinsky

Sound: Amaury Cedeño, Miguel Arias Talavera

Music: Andres Levell

Producer: Rio Teatro Caribe Foundation


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