The Climate Limbo

Director: Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, Francesco Ferri

Italy, 2019



The Climate Limbo explores how climate change impacts migrations and fuels poverty and wars. By 2050, climate-change related disasters could displace up to 250 million people. A journey led by the voices of scientists, climate refugees, and Mediterranean farmers who shed light on how their lives have been affected by the change of climate.

About Director

Elena Brunello (1987) is a documentary author, Programmer for The Video Consortium, the biggest non-fiction community in the world, and Project Manager for the Italian VOD platform ITsART. The Climate Limbo is her second documentary, and has been awarded the Special Mention at Cinemambiente 2019 and screened in more than 20 countries across the world. She works with several production houses as a producer and author. Paolo Caselli (1993) is an Italian director and producer based in Milan. In 2016 he founded Dueotto Film, an independent production house that focuses on environmental documentaries. He graduated in Architecture and is also a pianist. In 2017 he wrote the musical score of Austrian director Maschina for Jonah, a short film that was awarded best film at Manhattan Film Festival. Francesco Ferri (1991) is an Italian director and founder, with Caselli, of Dueotto Film. He graduated at Luchino Visconti film School. In 2017 he worked as a cinematographer for Austrian short film Jonah. Today he produces and directs several adv videos, TV spots, and music clips.


Authors: Elena Brunello, Paolo Caselli, Francesco Ferri

Editing: Dueotto Film

Production: Italy

Producer: APS Cambalache, Dueotto Film