Director: Ufuk Tambaş

Turkey, 2018



The fate of Kars Boğatepe Village, one of the highest settlements in Turkey with an altitude of 2300 meters, changes with a traffic accident in the early 2000s. This tragic evidence led to the remembrance of ancient forms of relationships with nature and became a milestone in making it a part of daily life again. The changes that took place in the village afterwards and its effects on the region are described with first-hand testimonies in the documentary.

About Director

He graduated from DEU Fine Arts Faculty Cinema and Television Department in 2006. Since then, he has been making documentaries on society, culture, nature and archeology. However, he has worked in various short and feature films since 1999. He has been a lecturer in the film design department of DEU Fine Arts Faculty since 2013.


Camera: M. Talha Altınkaya

Editing: Minerva Hünler

Sound: Tayfun Bigin

Music: Franz Schubert

Producer: DEÜ BAP Koordinasyon Birimi