Even in Paradise

Director: Duane Peterson III

USA, 2018



Serene forest groves and opaque Silicon Valley windows provide the visual framework for an assumption-challenging essay film taking a critical geography approach toward a new way of seeing the costs of warmaking as they are found in the very flesh of California.

About Director

Duane Peterson III is an editor, filmmaker and film programmer exploring new ways of seeing and understanding space, memory and time through a critical geography framework. As a documentary filmmaker, he takes unorthodox approaches to reinterpret familiar spaces and bring overlooked histories to light. Duane lives in Burlington, Vermont, USA.


Director: Duane Peterson III

1st Assistant Director: Alexander Fernald

2nd Assistant Director: Dexter Marsh-Taylor

Sound Recordist: Enrique Labrada Prieto

Special Thanks: Irene Lusztig, Alex Johnston, Isabelle Carbonell, Woody Carrol, Jennifer Hill