Joël and Krystel, Our Life To Live

Director: Guillaume Mazeline

France, 2019



Joel and Krystel had everything it seems necessary to live properly: a house, a family, a job. However, they wanted to change their lives: “I didn’t see myself doing the same job until 65.” Their common desire is expressed around the vine: to sell wine? No, sell THEIR wine, a quality and organic wine. They want to create something that did not exist before, that looks like them and of which they can be proud. Above all, they want to be free. This film is an immersion in the life of Joël and Krystel. We are getting on a train that is rushing towards the future. The camera accompanies them and bonds with them. Changing jobs means changing lives and it is not a simple snap of the fingers. It is a long journey in which there are many obstacles. Joël and Krystel’s project involves awakening unsuspected forces, demonstrating an unceasingly renewed energy. This energy crosses the film and testifies on the field of possibilities. The world belongs to the adventurers and Joel and Krystel have become the adventurers of their own lives.

About Director

Born in 1967. He did his graduate studies in Paris. Between 1986 and 1990, he was at the Faculty of Visual Arts, Audiovisual Arts option then in a Film School. Then, curious, he became interested in short films, video creation and cartoons. He discovered documentary film in the early 90s. He was first an assistant director, then edited more than thirty documentaries. In parallel to this activity, he started making films. To date, he is on his ninth film. These documentaries deal, among other things, with exile, particularly in relation to Spanish and Portuguese immigration. He has also just published two novels. A third is planned for October 2021.


Camera: Eric Wild

Editing: Guillaume Mazeline

Sound: Lucas Chataignier, Florence Hermitte, Guillaume Mazeline

Music: the birds

Producer: Nico Di Biase and Antoine Martin


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