Palestine Neighborhood

Director: Özgür Cihan Uçar, Yasin Serindere

Turkey, 2021



A region in Güvercintepe (Bayramtepe) neighborhood of Basaksehir district in Istanbul has been called as Palestine Neigborhood by the people. Güvercintepe, which was established in the 1990s with migrations from Anatolia, was repeatedly tried to be demolished after its establishment. Finally, the destruction that was planned to be carried out in 2009 was prevented by the resistance of the people of the region. A few years later, deeds were given to the majority of the people living in Güvercintepe. Palestinian neigborhood, named after the resistances against demolition, was excluded from this process and the agenda of demolition continued after 2009 in Palestine. In 2012, expropriation lawsuits were filed for the road project belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In the last quarter of 2020, notifications were sent to five houses located in the lower branch of the Palestine Quarter within the scope of the “Road No. 3 Project” of Başakşehir Municipality. In the notifications sent, it was requested that the houses be evacuated within seven days.

About Director

Özgür Cihan Uçar was born on 30 July 1996 in Istanbul. He is a senior student in Radio, Television and Cinema Department. He is working on photography, documantary and short film.

Yasin Serindere completed his undergraduate education in the Radio, TV and Film Department at Erciyes University. He currently lives in Istanbul and continues working on documentary film, short film and photography.


Camera: Özgür Cihan Uçar

Editing: Yasin Serindere

Sound: Sinan Demirtaş

Producer: Yasin Serindere