The Shelter

Director: Çağatay Ankaralı & Umut Sarıboğa

Turkey, 2021



Climate change negatively affects not only land life, but also natural life as the sea water temperature increases. One of the most important problems in the seas is the disappearing reefs. Many marine creatures such as moss, algae, crabs, reptiles, and sea turtles thrive and live in the reefs. Some people build artificial reefs to sustain life underwater, protect the coastline from erosion, and diversify the aquatic ecosystem. While artificial reefs were used to increase fish production during the years when we were not talking about climate change, in recent years they have been used for protection purposes such as preventing sea pollution, increasing water quality and renewing the ecosystem. But could artificial reefs really be the solution? Could they be a shelter for aquatic creatures?

About Director

Çağatay Ankaralı studied journalism at Marmara University. In the menatime, he worked as a photographer for various magazines. After he graduated, he worked as a cameraman and assistant director in documentaries and commercials. In 2012, he had his directorial debut with the documentary “Göl”.

Umut Sarıboğa: He studied in the Department of Journalism at Marmara University in 2010. He took part under various positions at Marmara Communication News Agency (MIHA) throughout his education. He works as an assistant director in TV and cinema industry.


Camera: Ali Emre Yıldırım

Editing: Ali Emre Yıldırım & Çağatay Ankaralı

Sound: Ekin Ercan

Music: The Power – SAVFK (Saverio Blassi)

Producer: Çağatay Ankaralı & Umut Sarıboğa