Atomic Bombs on the Planet Earth

Director: Peter Greenaway

UK/The Netherlands, 2011



Very surprisingly from 1945 to 1989 there have been 2201 atomic bombs dropped on the planet Earth – an astonishing number of atomic bombs implying huge destruction and fall-out. The film shows evidence of every bomb explosion documented with the nation responsible, the date and location, the force and the height about earth or sea level in a relentless build up of accumulating destruction that is both inspiring and dreadful in the true biblical sense of the phrase – full of dread.

About Director

Painter, film editor, and avant garde director (structualist short films), Peter Greenaway (1942), releases his first feature film, “A Walk Through H” (1978), followed by the documentary, “Act of God,” about thirty people struck by lightning; the film seeks to propose an arcane law that unites their fates. “The Falls,” shows the biographies of ninety-two people whose last names begin with “Falls” with a similar intent to codify fate, but breaks through in 1983 with the successive “The Draughtsman’s Contract” (1982), a ferocious grotesque parable on the relationship between art and power.


Camera: Peter Greenaway

Editing: Peter Greenaway