Director: Ethem Özgüven, Selçuk Erzurumlu, Petra Holzer

Turkey, 2011



There are the popular blue jeans and other famous brands at one end of the chain, on the other end there are the dusty informal sweatshops full of bodies with a terminal illness in their lungs. Stoned jeans are sold more expensive, while the workers’ lives fall apart by the tiny bits of silica they constantly inhale. Everything happens in the blink of an eye. However, after a very serious civil disobedience and resistance developed by the workers, doctors, lawyers, artists and human rights defenders within the “Jeans Sandblasting Workers Resistance Committee”, this operation during the blue jeans production was banned in Turkey. Resistance will continue until the day when this deadly operation will be banned worldwide.

About Director

Ethem Özgüven

Director and creator of many documentaries, video art work and Contra campaigns. Author of essays and articles in various media. Lecturer at Bilgi University, School of Communication. Coordinator of BIFED.

Petra Holzer

Director and producer of several documentaries, curated several exhibitions, worked with students, did research on grass root activism and women empowerment. Currently director of BIFED.

Selçuk Erzurumlu

After graduating from Film-TV department of Bilgi University he worked as cameraman and editor in various projects.


Camera: Selçuk Erzurumlu, Can Aydın, Serkan Çiftçi, Ethem Özgüven

Editing: Selçuk Erzurumlu, Ethem Özgüven

Producer: Petra Holzer, Ethem Özgüven