Desert Paradise

Director: Ike Bertels

Netherlands, 2022



In a desolate and until recently enclosed diamond town in the Namibian desert, the harmonious existence of the 9000 residents is severely shaken up. Diamond company NamDeb – the founder, owner, and most important employer of this oasis – is pulling out because the diamond mine is getting depleted. Nearby, Kolmanskop, once a vibrant and prosperous diamond town now a ghost town is a terrifying example for the Oranjemunders. A number of the residents attached to their paradise refuse to accept the approaching calamity and try their utmost to save the town from decay and ruin.

Director’s Bio

Ike Bertels is an independent filmmaker and producer. Since 1971 she has directed mainly socio-political documentaries and films about art and artists. Ike attended the filmschool in Brussels. Ike’s work include films like Guerrilla Grannies, Sometimes Love is Eternal, Overseas.


Camera: Johan Legraie

Editor: Dieter Diependaele

Sound: Taco Drijfhout

Music: Juho Nurmela

Producer: Katja Draaijer, Frank Hoeve, BALDR Film

Co-Producer: Hanne Phlypo

Sound Designer: Vincent Sinceretti

Re-recording Mixer: Vincent Sinceretti