Director: Eryk Rocha

Brazil, 2021



Living on the edge of the Transbrasiliana highway in the Brazilian Amazon, Edna is a witness of land in ruins built upon massacres. Raised only by her mother, she experiences in her body and her descendants, the marks of a “war that never ends” – a war for land. Through her reports and writings, the movie builds a hybrid narrative that moves between reality and the imaginary. Everything’s woven from Edna’s memory and her diary entitled “Story of My Life”. Brand new title from Eryk Rocha, director of “Cinema Novo” awarded with Golden Eye for Best Documentary in Cannes 2016.

Director's bio

Eryk Rocha,, a filmmaker born in Brazil in 1978, graduated in 2002 from the film school of Los Baños, Cuba, where he directed his first feature: ROCHA QUE VOA. The film was selected in Venice, Rotterdam, and other renowned festivals, winning the award for Best Film in Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba. The next works also collected a prestigious presence in national and international festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, New York, Montevideo, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Marseille, and Amsterdam. CINEMA NOVO (2016), his seventh feature, received the L’Oeil d’Or for Best Documentary at the Festival de Cannes.


Camera: Eryk Rocha, Jorge Checile

Editor: Renato Vallone

Sound: Waldir Xavier, Bernado Adeodato, Bruno Carneiro da Cunha

Music: Guilherme Kastrup,  Ava Rocha, Manoel Cordeiro

Producer: Eryk Rocha, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha