Director: Amy Taylor

New Zealand, 2021



A film about the power of art to show us ways out of climate disaster. That was the plan. But on set, things turn out differently. Actors, protagonists, and filmmakers confront their wishes and fears, self-deception, and the environmental consequences of their own actions. Can art intervene or are artists mere buffoons of capitalism? The utopian “Art of inconsistency” emerges as a way of leading life without harming anyone: an impossible but desirable ideal. The culmination of fiction joins documentary reflection in this film about ecology and art: a celebration of failure and a farewell to success.

Director’s Bio

Prof. Dr. Friedrich von Borries, born in 1974, is an architect and has taught design theory at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) since 2009. Jakob Brossmann was born in 1986 in Vienna, Austria director, stage designer, and artist. Lectures at Festivals and Universities (like Cornell). Teaches at the University for Applied Art Vienna since 2017. He is best known for his film “Lampedusa in Winter” (A/I/CH 2015).


Camera: Amy Taylor

Editor: Amy Taylor, Debbie Matthews

Sound: Images & Sound

Music: xTrue Naturex

Producer: Amy Taylor