A Banana Tree Is No Coincidence

Director: Luiza Gonçalves

Spain, 2021



San Sebastian is a tourist city, whose IVF clinics and non-native plants attract thousands of tourists every year. Speaking with Shashi, I started making connections between fertility treatment campaigns and the way banana plants reproduce. I wanted to know if the people of San Sebastian knew how the plants had gotten there in the first place. Who would consider it important to know about the origins of a plant that serves as garden decoration? A plant whose product has been the cause of violence, corruption, and exploitation?

About Director

Luiza Gonçalves, born in 1997, is an artist and filmmaker currently based in Buenos Aires. Her documentary films (New City Doc, Oleg, Fang, Kevin, and Lou, and A Banana Tree Is No Coincidence) have screened internationally in New York, San-Sebastian, and Vienna.


Camera: Luiza Gonçalves, Lucas Larriera

Editor: Luiza Gonçalves

Assistan: Asier Armental

Film Processor Operator: Amat Vallmajor Laboratory

Assistance: Maria Inês Gonçalves

Film Scan: Amat Vallmajor & Lucas Larriera

With Support From: Uliako Lore Beratzak, Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola