Romani In One Stroke

Director: İbrahim Karademir

Turkey, 2020



In this small and dainty village with no education and lots of early marriages and racism present, uneducated children are raised for various reasons… The school so far away, children unable to attend because of racism… The story of a Romani community who reflect their colorful life to this small village.

About Director

He was born in 2001 in Konak district of İzmir. He has completed his education in İzmir until university. He studied cinema starting from his middle school and high school eras. He moved to Uşak upon starting his education at Uşak Univeristy. He is still continuing his education as a Radio, Television and Film student.


Camera: Selin Toklar

Editor: İbrahim Karademir

Sound: Doğa Erdoğan

Music: Kobra Murat, İzmirli Birol, Edirneli Umut

Producer: İbrahim Karademir