Director: Mustafa Aydın

Turkey, 2021



Immigrants are stranger to their own language and identity. Neither his friends nor they belong to this land. They are stateless, homeless, landless people. The film tells the road story of the hope travelers who came to Turkey from Afghanistan in 60 days.

About Director

Mustafa Aydın was born in 1998 in a remote village in eastern Turkey. After the short film he shot in high school, he became interested in cinema and started his education the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema at Selçuk University, Faculty of Communication. He is currently continuing his undergraduate education as a 4th year student. He produced and directed his first short documentary “Mesai”. While continuing his university education in Konya, he has worked in television channels, national and international cinema.


Camera: Mustafa Aydın

Editor: Mustafa Aydın, Berat Bingöl

Sound: Mustafa Aydın

Music: Mercan Dede

Producer: Mustafa Aydın