The Search

Director: Jesús David Palacio Flórez

Colombia, 2021



Three years ago, Abelardo gave up his working life as a university professor of Spanish and literature. He decided to get away from his material world, his house, his television, his cell phone, to live in an austere way, without many pretensions. Through a physical and metaphysical journey that Abelardo makes, we know his intention to “find the happiness of being” in a natural way.

About Director

Jesús Palacio, 21 years old, born in Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia. He studies cinema and audiovisuals at the University of Magdalena. Since 2017, he began in the world of cinema, learning about the work of each department. He worked as a scriptwriter, art assistant, sound assistant, data manager, photography assistant, director assistant, and with his debut feature “The Search” (2021) he does the directing, production and assembly. He is currently working on the research and directing of several documentaries. He is very passionate about cinema and what this art does to help understand the world a little better and seed of hope for a better future.


Camera: Fabian Paternina Herazo

Editor: Jesús Palacio Flórez

Sound: Eliud Agamez Pérez

Music: Robet Fonnegra

Producer: Jesús Palacio Flórez