Çırpılar: An Anatomy of a Fossil Struggle

Director: Atom Şaşkal


Turkey, 2022



Çırpılar is a village located on the northern slopes of Mount Ida. The Agonian Plain stretches as far as the eye can see all around Çırpılar. This geography, where the plain is intertwined with the mountains, forms thousands of shades of green in the spring, while it surrenders itself to the redness in the autumn. As the people living here have been making a living from agriculture for a long time, they feed not only themselves and Çanakkale, but also overseas countries. This diversity, which we can see in many ecological, cultural, social and commercial contexts in this region, is under threat from projects hostile to nature. One of the most harmful of these destruction projects, on a local to a global scale, is coal-fired power plants. The power plants installed in Çanakkale are forced to bear the burden of the city’s electricity demand, as well as the parasitic and insatiable megacity of Istanbul. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are one of the main perpetrators of the climate crisis that threatens our future. Despite this, it was announced in 2015 that a coal-fired thermal power plant project would be implemented in Çırpılar. Regardless of all of the obstacles and pressures, the public and various non-governmental organizations showed a great example of resistance against the Çırpılar Thermal Power Plant project. After six years of struggle, an important gain was made and the establishment of the thermal power plant in Çırpılar was prevented. Çırpılar: Anatomy of a Fossil Struggle tells the struggle of the people who came together against this threat and the development of their struggles in the process.

Director's bio

Atom Şaşkal was born in 1996 in Istanbul. Şaşkal produces and directs documentary films. “Çırpılar: An Anatomy of a Fossil Struggle” is his 4th documentary film that he directed.


Camera: Atom Şaşkal, Ege Tok
Editor: Selen Çatalyürekli
Sound,Music,Producer: Ege Tok, İren Bıçakçı, Özge Doruk