Flying Fish

Director: Nayra Sanz Fuentes

Spain, 2022



For thousands of centuries and across different cultures, flying fish have been seen as symbols of searching, freedom, and achievement. These unique animals swim and fly, delve deep into the waters and pass through the air, reflecting the possibility of hope. Their odyssey is an observational journey through nature, but little by little the impact of human beings and technology is increasing, transforming and altering their environment…

Director's bio

Nayra is an independent filmmaker and producer, whose company Rinoceronte Films focuses on the production of cinematographic works and the development of cultural projects. Her films have participated in more than 300 national and international festivals. Since 2016 she is the head of the Educational Section for Adolescents of the Lanzarote Film Festival, as well as the young jury. Currently she is also a programmer for the MiradasDoc Festival (Tenerife, Spain), focused on documentary film.


Camera: Diego Fidalgo
Editor: Diego Fidalgo, Marina Sain
Sound: Fernando Romero de Toma
Music: Jorge Capriotti, Cromattista
Producer: Diego Fidalgo