Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium

Director: Martin Boudot

France, 2021



In this new episode of Green Warriors, we follow the uranium path from Niger to Europe to reveal the extent of the radioactive pollution created. Every year, Niger produces over 2,500 tonnes of yellow cake, a uranium concentrate, creating tonnes of toxic waste. Close to the mine is the village of Arlit, where radioactivity levels exceed those of the Chernobyl Prohibited Zone. Dust from the mine is carried on the winds into people’s houses, endangering their lives and killing local wildlife The Green Warriors team take dozens of samples from residents in both Arlit and Narbonne to learn more about uranium pollution. Their findings trigger a political debate and are used as evidence in a lawsuit against the mining company.

Director's bio

Graduated from the Professional Journalism School of Tours, he achieves his cameraman training at the University of Northern Colorado, USA. He then works as an intern for ABC News in Denver, Colorado. In 2009, he joins the production company, Premières Lignes Télévision. He has won the Best International Investigative Documentary at the DIG Festival – Italy in 2015, the Best European Investigative Documentary at The Prix Europa – Germany in 2017, the Impact Award Documentary at the Rory Peck Awards – UK in 2019 and the Green Image
Film Festival Award – Japan, 2019.


Camera: Grégory Roudier & Mathias Denizo

Editor: Matthieu Lère

Sound: David Lassale

Music:The French Kids

Producer: Luc Herman & Paul Moreira