The Story of Eternal Tree in Milas

Director: Nesime Karateke

Turkey, 2021



This documentary focuses on the fixed forester house and social relations evolved around it during the resistance against the Alamos Gold company which carried out goldmining activities on the Mount Ida. This forester house which was repaired while the resistance was still going on; caused to the resistance to continue for more than a year and it symbolizes that Mount Ida is a home to a lot of species of living creatures.

Director's bio

Karateke was born in 1991, in Antakya and graduated from Radio, Television and Cinema Department of Mersin University. She directed two documantaries; Başka and Roma Bostanı. She continues to create content that focuses on environmental and urban justice.


Camera: Nesime Karateke

Editor: Nesime Karateke

Sound: Nesime Karateke

Music: Kazdağları Direnişçileri

Producer: Nesime Karateke