Interim Use

Director: Dariusz Kowalski

Austria,  2022



“Interim Use” presents a multifaceted weave of interests and perspectives rarely to be found in Vienna. The perpetual flow of highway traffic reminds Zolly of life in Brooklyn and makes him feel right at home. Others landed here by accident, including a Lebanese grocer and an operator of a car repair shop. People are here from all over the world, which is why Kowalski’s circumspect portrait distills a slice of migration history as well. What a realtor and owner of the property qualifies as “sustainability through reclamation,” becomes tangible in a few simple actions: carpets are washed, cars repaired, even an artist paints over a previous work to make use of the textures the original painting provides.

Director's bio

Kowalski was born in 1971, in Poland, Krakow. Lives in Austria since 1991. 1998-2004 he studied Visual Media Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His main work focuses on videos, installations, audiovisual performances.


Camera: Martin Putz
Editor: Dieter Pichler
Sound: David Almeida Ribeiro
Producer: Dariusz Kowalski