Light of the Night

Director: Matej Pok

Slovakia, 2020



The global problem of light pollution is growing exponentially every year, but we have not found a real solution to solve it yet. The problem that negatively affects the lives of animals and plants, the work of astronomers, but most of all the health of each of us, although we are not aware of it, yet.

Director's bio

Matej Pok graduated from Film Production in Academy of Performing Arts, in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2010. Since then, he worked as a freelance camera operator and cinematographer. In 2018, he started to shoot his first documentaries about science and technology. To this day, he made two festival documentaries: “Letters, which creates the World” (2019) and “Light of the Night” (2020).
He is interested in the clash of nature with society and if science can solve this problem.


Camera: Norbert Matej Pok

Editor:  Matej Pok

Sound:  Matej Pok

Music:   Yehezkel Raz, Sivan Talmor

Producer:  CVTI SR