Director: Mehmet Gürü Avcu

Turkey, 2022



Munzur Springs, located in Ovacık is considered legendary and sacred by the locals but some details, like who Munzur is, are missing in this tale that is being told from generation to generation. The camera turns towards the Munzur Springs area and the mountains to research the legend and the life around the water.

Director's bio

Avcu was born in Cizre in 1990. He studied Radio, Television and Cinema at Marmara University Faculty of Communication. He worked as a cameraman for tv series which produced for several TV channels like TRT Çocuk, TRT Belgesel, Bein Connect and Sky Türk. He worked as the director of cinematography for the documentary “Eski Evler ve Karayemişler”. Avcu, whose last project is the documentary “Munzur”, continues working as a cameraman, editor and director of cinematography in various projects.


Camera: Mehmet Gürü Avcu
Editor: Mehmet Gürü Avcu
Sound: Mehmet Gürü Avcu
Music: Taner İNAL
Producer: Mehmet Gürü Avcu