Remainders of the Sea

Director: Mustafa Dermanlı

Turkey, 2022



The documentary, which is based on the current state of fisheries, one of the most important economic activities in Bozcaada, its environmental effects and the reasons for the decrease in fisheries, aims to reflect how marine biodiversity has decreased in Bozcaada scale, to show where local problems actually correspond to universal scale and to show the historical traditional hunting and fishing teachings about local fisheries. It aims to open a discussion. This documentary, which is shaped by the narratives of the fishermen from Bozcaada and various personal archive material, is also a tribute to these probably last fishermen of Bozcaada.

Director's bio

After graduating from Marmara University, Department of Finance, he worked at all levels of accounting for 13 years. In the meanwhile he never passed over traveling around Turkey and the Balkans with his camper van; and taking part in various social responsibility activities. He has been living in Çanakkale since 2015, and for the last two years, he’s been living in Süleymanköy – Ayvacık with his wife and daughter. He is still the editor of “Mendirek”, the only periodical of Bozcaada. He is the author of two books, Türkiye Gezi Notları (2016) and Uzaklara Mektuplar (2019); and the editor of Bozcaada Yazıları (2017/2020), Bozcaada Bağ Rehberi (2019), Kırkambar Bozcaada (2021), Güzel Mavrella (2020), Tarih Denizinde Bozcaada (2019) and Ada Rüzgarı (2019).


Camera: Mustafa Dermanlı, Tankut Azak

Editor: Mert Kaan Bıldırcın

Sound: Mustafa Dermanlı, Mert Kaan Bıldırcın

Music:  Copyright free music

Producer: Yaprak Aydın