Director: Zeki Subaşı

Indonesia, 2021



Steep slopes stretching to the most poisonous point in the World, the a mountain of fire at a height of 2800 meters. A road to climb that consumes life. An acid lake whose vapor mixes the clouds. A sülfür mine that can cost one’s own life. Nanda Mariani, the only female miner of Mounth Ijen! Now she’s pushing the limits of self-sacrifice for her family on the world’s mosy poisonous mountain.

Director's bio

Subaşı was born on October 10, 1983 in Izmit. Subaşı, who started his directorial career in 2008 by studying Cinema and Television at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Fine Arts Faculty, has signed many firsts in Turkish documentaries. He covered topics that were not covered in Turkish documentary filmmaking, such as Omo Valley tribal life, Madagascar cremation ritual, Pakistani iguana oil vendors. This difference brought him the MoonLife best documented award of the year. His efforts to document original and different subjects enabled him to do long-term works.


Camera: Burak Bekircan-Abdullah Genç

Editor: Naim Ayık

Sound: Boapost

Music: Sedat Şahin

Producer: Fincan Meyda L.T.D. Ş.T.İ.