Director: Özer Akdemir

Turkey, 2022



Seyfe Lake, which has given life to environment and provided life to hundreds of living creatures, has been the culture and the place where the society earned their living on steppes of Central Anatolia, is now completely evaporated. Evaporation of the water affected all lives in the territory in a negative way. See the story of our wiped out lakes, our birds which cannot find water for their nestlings and fly back to mountains, cranes that their names only live in folk songs, and see the sadness of the peasants identify the lake with themselves and lament for that.

Director's bio

Özer Akdemir was born in Nevşehir, Hacıbektaş in 1969. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Education. Akdemir started working as a reporter in Zonguldak for the journal Evrensel. He still works as the representative of Writers Syndicate of Turkey along with his representation duty in İzmir for the journal Evrensel. He is the author of five books which published in the research-investigation and eco-fiction genres and discusses the environmental and ecological problems and the struggles of the society.


Camera: Seçil İkiz Candan, Ceyhun Candan, Ayşe Nur Akdemir, Eda Aktaş, Dilek Omaklılar

Editor: Özer Akdemir

Sound: Seçil İkiz Candan

Music: Hacı Taşan, İsmail Altunsaray, Sercan Baş

Producer: Özer Akdemir