Tozkoparan Is Ours

Director: Özgür Cihan Uçar, Yasin Serindere

Turkey, 2022



Istanbul Güngören Municipality asked those living in the Tozkoparan Neighborhood, which was declared a “risky area”,to evacuate their homes. “Go wherever you go,”the people living in the region were told. Electricity, water and natural gas of the people of the neighborhood who did not leave their homes were cut off by the police. Once the houses were evacuated, they would become suitable for demolition.

Director's bio

Yasin and Özgür who studied Radio, Cinema and Television live in Istanbul. Their main work focuses on photographs, videos and documentaries about the labor movement and urban issues. Their aim is to offer solution suggestions for these problems through their work.


Producer – Özgür Cihan Uçar / Yasin Serindere
Director – Özgür Cihan Uçar / Yasin Serindere
Script – Özgür Cihan Uçar / Yasin Serindere
Cinematography – Ahmet Petek / Özgür Cihan Uçar
Editing – Yasin Serindere
Music – Audio Network