Women of the Land

Director: Elisa Flaminia Inno

Italy, 2021



This is a documentary film about a group of new generation farmers, active in various areas of southern Italy. It is a five episodes film. Each episode tells the story of the transformation of a protagonist, how each woman came to the land and how they created the self-production system. The stories of these women are a reproducible example of a choice that each of us today is called to make. But going through a personal transformation is necessary.

Director's bio

Elisa Flaminia Inno is a documentary film director and producer from Naples. After a degree in Cinema Studies she took a diploma in Documentary Directing at the National Institut for the image and sound of Montrèal, where she directed the short documentaries A Stefano and Maindoeuvre.
From 2010 she works in Rome as production manager for several companies such as: Filmmaster, Banijay, B&B Film, Parallelo41 and more.
She’s President of the filmmaker Association 1506 Film, based in Naples.


Camera: Raffaele Carro

Editor: Simona Infante

Sound: Giacomo Vitiello, Renato Greco

Music: Rosalia Cecere

Producer: Elisa Flaminia Inno