Director: Petra Holzer, Selçuk Erzurumlu, Ethem Özgüven

Turkey, 2008



Tuzla Cemetery overlooks Tuzla Shipyards. Now start walking down the cemetery slope. On your left is the military zone, green and devoid of humans. Then all of a sudden you see nothing but concrete blocks of flats. The workers leave their homes around seven in the morning to work “outside”, in the shipyards, in leather and supply industries. Among the family flats you can also find bachelor apartments filled with beds and longing for families. Keep walking down the slope: factories manufacturing small ship parts, the unceasing roar from the İçmeler Köprüsü on the E5 freeway, the never empty labor pick-up strip at the crossroads, the sound of the local express train. Walk pass the İçmeler stop, and here is Aydınlı Bay packed with almost all of Turkey’s shipyards. The workers who go through forty eight different doors everyday, hundred men high cranes, steel sheets, the speed and sweat which merge them into one. The time unit in the shipyards is the fleeting instant a cigarette bud is dropped on the floor, the split second between making a living and death between hope and pain, their and ours. Tuzla Cemetery overlooks Tuzla Shipyards.

About Director

Ethem Özgüven

Director and creator of many documentaries, video art work and Contra campaigns. Author of essays and articles in various media. Lecturer at Bilgi University, School of Communication. Coordinator of BIFED.

Petra Holzer

Director and producer of several documentaries, curated several exhibitions, worked with students, did research on grass root activism and women empowerment. Currently director of BIFED.

Selçuk Erzurumlu

After graduating from Film-TV department of Bilgi University he worked as cameraman and editor in various projects.


Camera: Selçuk Erzurumlu, Ethem Özgüven

Editing: Ethem Özgüven, Petra Holzer

Sound: Serkan Çiftçi, Bülent Özcan

Producer: Ethem Özgüven