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Abu Haraz

Maciej J. Drygas, Poland, 2013, 73′


Editing: Rafal Listopad

Photography: Andrzej

Musial Producer: Maciej J. Drygas

Producer Company: Drygas Production

Music: Pawel Szymanski


Abu Haraz is a small village in the middle of the desert in North Sudan. The construction of a huge dam on the Nile has interfered with the age-old, natural rhythm of the lives of its residents. The filmmakers have spent several years with them, observing their vain attempts to turn back fate.

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Michael Kleiman, USA, 2013, 83′


Editing: Michael Kleiman and Michael Pertnoy

Photography: Humberto Saco, Cesar Fajardo, Josh Miller and Julien Diaz

Producer: Michael Pertnoy, Michael Kleiman, Stefan Nowicki, Joey Carey


Welcome to the digital jungle… The film considers the impact of current and future of global connectivity on all our lives. The film also considers both the benefits and complications that arise from digital connections. Interviews with leading luminaries including Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and Nicholas Negroponte provide an insightful look at our lives.

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The Beekeeper

Mano Khalil, Switzerland, 2013, 107′


Editing: Thomas Bachmann

Photography: Mano Khalil, Steff Bossert

Producer: Mano Khalil

Producer Company: Frame Film

Music: Mario Batkovic

Sound: Weli Cici, Rolf Buttikoffer


The Beekeeper tells the touching story of a beekeeper. The turmoil of the Turkish-Kurdish war took away everything that he had: his wife, his children, his country and over 500 bee colonies, his way of making a living. He was left only with his love for bees and his unshakeable faith in the individual human being, regardless of his background. After a long odyssey full of deprivation, the beekeeper again found a life for himself in Switzerland, thanks to his passion for beekeeping.

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The Grocer

Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, Greece, 2013, 81′


Editing: Apostolis Agrogiannis

Photography: Haris Farros

Producer: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Producer Company: KinoLab

Music: Vangelis Fampas

Sound: Vangelis Fampas


Nikos Anastassiou, a traveling grocer, and his wife Sophia have been driving the same route since the 1980s. Once a week, all year round, setting out from the city of Trikala, they visit the abandoned villages of the southwestern Pindos Mountains, a 75-kilometer drive. In recent years, their sons, Kostas and Thymios, help them. The documentary follows their journey over the four seasons.

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My Name is Salt

Farida Pacha, Switzerland, 2013, 92′


Editing: Katharina Fiedler

Photography: Lutz Konermann

Producer: Lutz Konermann, Farida Pacha

Producer Company: Leafbird Films

Music: Marcel Vaid

Sound: Sanjeev Gupta, Ramesh Birajdar, Florian Eidenbenz


Year after year, for an endless eight months, thousands of families move to a desert in India to extract salt from the burning earth. Every monsoon their salt fields are washed away, as the desert turns into sea. Still they return, striving to make the whitest salt in the world.

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Five Star Existence

Sonja Lindén, Finland, 2011, 90′


Editing: Samu Heikkilä

Photography: Peter Flinckenberg

Producer: Sonja Lindén

Producer Company: Avanton Productions

Music: Rebekka Karijord

Sound: Janne Laine


With the accelerating pace of everyday life and our increasing virtual presence as individuals, the line between the real and the virtual self has begun to blur. In this personal and cinematic journey, the director observes the links between freedom and dependence in our time.

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A Few Brave People

Rüya Arzu Köksal, Turkey, 2011, 87′


Editing: Devrim Akteke

Photography: Aydın Kudu

Producer: Rüya Arzu Köksal

Producer Company: Turkishmoon Film Yapım

Music: Rüya Arzu Köksal

Sound: Rüya Arzu Köksal


‘A Few Brave People’, powerfully chronicles the extraordinary struggle of the local people of the Black Sea region to protect their rivers and their livelihood from a government that is keen to sell them to private corporations.

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Chai Qian - Displaced

Mali Arun, France, 2011, 19′


Editing: Mali Arun

Photography: Mali Arun

Producer: Shanti N. Selk

Producer Company: La Ruche Productions


Chai Qian is an impressionist strolling through the urban transformations of a city in constant destruction and reconstruction.

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CHAR... the No-Man's Island

Sourav Sarangi, India, 2013, 88′


Editing: Sourav Sarangi

Photography: Sourav Sarangi, Rabindranath Das, Minarul Mondal

Producer: Sourav Sarangi

Producer Company: Son et Lumiere

Sound: Dipankar Chaki, Shinichiro Ogata


Young Rubel wants to join school in India but reality forces him to smuggle rice everyday by crossing the river Ganga, the international border between India and Bangladesh. The same river eroded his home. Now he lives in CHAR, an island within the river, which starts eroding now.

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Ecumenopolis: City Without Limits

İmre Azem, Turkey, 2014, 17′


Editing: Eray İlhan, Arzu Volkan

Photography: İmre Azem

Producer: Gaye Günay


Ecologic thresholds are surpassed, economic thresholds are surpassed, population thresholds are surpassed and social harmony is upset. Here is the depiction of neoliberal urbanisation: “City without Limits”. In his first feature-length documentary, İmre Azem aims for a wholesome approach to Istanbul; as much as the change itself, he questions the underlying dynamics. He takes us on a long journey in this endless city, from demolished slums to the tops of skyscrapers, from the depths of the Marmara Sea to the route of the third bridge crossing the Bosporus, from real estate investors to urban opposition. We hope that you will not be a mere spectator to change, but question it.

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Nejla Demirci, Turkey, 2012, 30′


Editing: S.Korhan Güner, Mahir Güven

Producer: Nejla Demirci

Producer Company: Ney Reklam

Music: Serkan Çağrı


The story of the Ergene River. The documentary tells social, cultural and economic changes in Ergene Basin by witnesses. It reveals the destroying industry and the struggle of the community to recreate Ergene.

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Hands-on: Women-Climate-Change

Liz Miller, Nupur Basu, Karen Winthers, Mary Kiio, Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortie, Canada, 2014, 46′


Editing: Rebecca Lessard

Photography: Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortie, Karen Winthers, Mary Kiio

Producer: Liz Miller

Producer Company: International Association of Women in Radio and Television, Red Lizard Media

Music: Rebecca Lessard


‘Hands-on’ profiles five women from four continents tackling climate change through policy, protest, education and innovation. The film powerfully demonstrates how women are transferring knowledge and local networks into hands-on strategies. This 48-minute collaborative documentary offers unique perspectives across cultures and generations.

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The Carbon Rush

Amy Miller, Canada, 2012, 84′


Editing: Boban Chaldovich

Photography: Paul Kell

Producer: Byron A Martin, Amy Miller

Producer Company: Wide Open Exposure Productions, Byron A Martin Productions

Music: Benoit Groulx

Sound: Dan Lagace


Hundreds of hydroelectric dams in Panama. Incinerators burning garbage in India. Biogas extracted from palm oil in Honduras. Eucalyptus forests harvested for charcoal in Brazil. What do these projects have in common? They are all receiving carbon credits for offsetting pollution created somewhere else. But what impact are these offsets having? Are they actually reducing emissions? And what about the people and the communities where these projects have been set up?

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Cotton Dreams

Sandeep Rampal Balhara, Poland, India, 2014, 14′


Photography: Jonathan Young, Sunil Balhara

Producer: Marcin Malatynski

Producer Company: Polish National Film School, Lodz

Sound: Rafal Nowak


The side effects of a growing economy and extensive use of biotechnology pushed Indian farmers into the world’s greatest agrarian crisis. “CottonDreams” delves into the life of one such family and brings out a tragic tale of love, life and sacrifice under extreme living conditions in rural India.

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On the Art of War

Luca Bellino, Silvia Luzi, Italy, 2012, 85′


Editing: Luca Bellino

Photography: Vania Tegamelli

Producer: Giovanni Pompili, margherita di Paola

Producer Company: Kino, Indieair, Tfilm

Music: Nicolò Mulas

Sound: Paolo Benvenuti


Four workers climb a 20 meters high gantry crane inside the hangar of the INNSE, the last active factory in Milan. They threaten to throw themselves down to stop the dismantling of the machineries and the closure of the factory they work in.

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Children of Sodom

York-Fabian Raabe, Germany, 2013, 15′


Editing: Helena Ekre, York-Fabian Raabe

Photography: Tobias von dem Borne

Producer: York-Fabian Raabe

Producer Company: York-Fabian Raabe Filmproduktion

Sound: Daniel Engel, Takis Christos Sariannidis


‘Children of Sodom’ shows one day in the lives of the two friends Oko and Kojo*.They are two of approximately 30.000 street children, who live around the electronic waste yard Agbogbloshi within Ghana‘s capital Accra. Most of the e-waste comes from the Western World. *Names have been altered

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Honour Your Word

Martha Stiegman, Canada, 2013, 59′


Editing: Angela Baker

Photography. Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier

Producer: Martha Stiegman, Marlene Edoyen, Malcolm Guy

Producer Company: Productions MultiMonde & Rippling Current Media

Music: Stephen de Oliveira


‘Honour Your Word’ is an intimate portrait of life behind the barricades for the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, an inspiring Indigenous Nation whose dignity and courage contrast sharply with the political injustice they face.

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Water Bedouins

Ömer Güneş, Turkey, 2014, 17′


Editing: İshak Ayvaz

Photography: Yavuz Pullukcu

Producer: Sezai Güneş

Sound: Mustafa Güneş


The documentary touches upon the water problems that the water Bedouins, living in the swamp where Tigris and Euphrates meet in the Persian Gulf, experience and the imminent danger Hasankeyf is under.

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Tin House

Lara Plácido and Ângelo Lopes, Portugal, 2013, 14′


Editing: Edson Silva and Lara Plácido

Photography: Nenass Almeida e Mamadou Diop

Producer: Lara Plácido and Ângelo Lopes

Producer Company: M_EIA – Instituto Internacional de Arte, Tecnologias e Cultura


The high cost of construction, inflation in the cost of property and land, in conjunction with the growing rate of unemployment, make purchasing or renting a home difficult for most Cabe Verdeans. The construction of illegal shelters has therefore spread and is often the only option for poor families who have no housing alternatives or means. Is this illegality a crime?

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Tarlabaşı and Me

Marianna Francese & Jaad Gaillet, France-Italy, 2014, 70′


Editing: Marianna Francese & Jaad Gaillet

Photography: Marianna Francese & Jaad Gaillet

Producer: Materiaubis Production

Producer Company: Materiaubis Production

Music: Deli Grup & Derman


After being in several areas of Istanbul and going through all the odd jobs since his release from prison, Mustafa moved to Tarlabaşı and became a garbage collector. It is in this cosmopolitan neighborhood, doomed to disappear that he creates a new life … “Tarlabaşı and me” takes us in the picturesque neighborhood of Tarlabaşı in the lives of its inhabitants and in a shuddered Istanbul just as Mustafa that awaits his acquittal in order to take fully into this new life.