Wheelchair without Battery

Konak Vali Kazımpaşa İlkokulu Kısa Film Atölyesi, Turkey, 2013, 10′


Editing: Engin Çetinkaya

Camera: Adem Giliz

Music: Ozan Özdemir

Sound: Konak Vali Kazımpaşa İlkokulu Kısa Film Atölyesi


Muhammed used to have an electric wheelchair, but one day the battery of the wheelcair was stolen. Holding on to life, Muhammed does not let his being disabled in school and daily life prevent him from living his life.

Forest of Gold

Stratis Vogiatzis, Greece, 2014, 21′


Editing: Thodoris Armaos

Camera: Stratis Vogiatzis, Thekla Malamou

Producer: Caravan Project

Music: Chrysanthos Christodoulou


Giorgos Kalyvas is a farmer who didn’t grow a family but grew trees. He fell in love with his patrimonial land and now lives alone into the primeval forest of Skouries, in northern Greece, devotedly cultivating his chestnut trees and looking after his hives. Giorgos’ destiny is affiliated with the forest’s destiny, which is in danger of destruction due to its subsoil, rich in mineral resources. The aim of a multinational company to construct a gold mine into the forest of Skouries, a few meters away from his land, has prompted an uneven battle and has multiplied the extent of loneliness and despair of Giorgos and although he didn’t want war, the war has arrived on his doorstep.

Group of Fathers

Hazal Tüfekçi, Turkey, 2013, 16′


Editing: Hazal Tüfekçi

Camera: Hazal Tüfekçi

Producer: Hazal Tüfekçi


This documentary is about the unity, cohesiveness, and cooperation among fathers of children with leukemia during their hospital stay. The film draws attention to the bureaucratic challenges the fathers face when trying to find the necessary medication for their children’s treatment, the lack of empathy and support within our society, and the collaborative efforts of fathers to seek help from people.


Hande Zerkin – Gözde Efe, Turkey, 2014, 12′


Editing: Fatih Bilgin

Camera: Hande Zerkin – Gözde Efe

Producer: Hande Zerkin – Gözde Efe


The land of Mumin Savkli is situated in Buca which is an area close to the city center, suitable for animal and greenhouse farming and is now a target for urban transformation. Savkli’s land has been purchased from its shareholders for a housing construction project. Mumin Savkli enjoys the very last days of the lifestyle inherited from his grandparents. Surrounded by apartments it has become impossible for him to continue husbandry and greenhouse farming. Therefore he gets on a boat and sails away.

Bye, Bye Barcelona

Eduardo Chibás, Spain, 2014, 54′


Editing: Eduardo Chibás

Camera: Eduardo Chibás

Producer: Eduardo Chibás

Sound: Eduardo Chibás


Bye, Bye Barcelona is a documentary about a city and it’s relationship with tourism, about the difficult coexistence between Barcelona and it’s people with tourism and tourists. It’s a documentary that exposes through the thoughts of some of its residents, the grave effects that mass tourism has in the city. Its sole purpose is to serve as a counterpoint of the much repeated idea tourism is good for all. This documentary speaks about what we lose because of it.

Once Upon A Time

Samet Yalçın, Turkey, 2014, 4′


Editing: Samet Yalçın

Camera: Berk Kuşbeygi

Producer: Samet Yalçın


In Tenedos, people live in harmony with the nature. The nature and human beings constitute a whole together and human beings exist only through their voices. But the increasing population, the destruction of the nature for the sake of new housing projects and the disturbance of the natural order of things in Tenedos run the risk of turning the once beautiful and peaceful island into a mere tale told by grandfathers to their grandchildren.

Bridges of Glass

Kibar Dağlayan Yiğit, Turkey, 2011, 14′


Editing: Yavuz Gümüş

Camera: Yavuz Gümüş

Producer: Kibar Dağlayan Yiğit

Music: Grup Günyüzü


The film tells the life stories of Kurdish citizens who go the Western regions of Turkey from Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia to work as seasonal workers.


Gökhan Öcal, Turkey, 2014, 18′


Editing: Ümmügülsüm Azak

Camera: Gökhan Öcal

Producer: Karabük Üniversitesi


The smell of sea in the ocean of Filyos… Retired teacher Mehmet Türkçelik gives life to çatuks. Türkçelik who turns everything that comes out of the sea to art adds another color to the rainbow of art in his sea view atelier.

A Blooming Business

Ton Van Zantvoort, Holland, 2009, 52′


Editing: Ton van Zantvoort

Camera: Ton van Zantvoort

Producer: Ton van Zantvoort

Production Company: NEWTON film

Music: Roy Bemelmans

Sound: Stijn van Eekelen


A Blooming Business is a poetic documentary by Ton van Zantvoort about people in Kenya who are imprisoned by the global flower industry. The dilemmas of the industry become painfully clear and a dark world of oppression, sexual abuse and terrible working conditions unfolds. There is only one conclusion possible: the smell of the imported rose is not sweet, but bitter.

Resistant to Wave

Zekiye Ergün, Turkey, 2014, 25′


Editing: Satı Ataoğlu

Camera: Mehmet Ali Uzuncular

Producer: Zekiye Ergün-Gaye Nuran Atamtürk

Production Company: TRT


‘Some people surrender themselves to the wave, some people resist’ says Huseyin, the fisherman who earns his livelihood through fishery in a small village of Karaburun. The film brings together the life stories of a very few fishermen who make their living, against all difficulties, through a certain type of fishery which also gives a chance to the fish and the relationship between humans and nature in a very simple way.

Tight Space

Hasan Demirtaş, Turkey, 2013, 15′


Editing: Can Sabancuoğlu, Haydar Demirtaş

Camera: Pınar Demiral

Producer: Hasan Demirtş

Production Company: Ajans ba

Music: Tarık Aslan

Sound: Deniz Güngör


The film is about a village located along Tigris River. The village is on the verge of disappearing from the face of the earth and losing its cultural heritage due to Ilisu Dam to be built in Hasankeyf. Ali and his friends are guides showing the tourists the beauties of a natural wonder named Hasankeyf.


Devrim Akkaya, Turkey, 2014, 71′


Editing: Ebru Karaca, Erdal Bilici

Camera: Meryem Yavuz

Producer: Devrim Akkaya, Cem Doruk

Production Company: Aheste Film

Music: Barkın Engin, Metin Bozkurt

Sound: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu


Devrim Akkaya’s documentary is about the search for the unknown life of her Armenian grandfather and the effects of this trauma in her personal journey as a woman.

Nature 2.0

Maren Gedenk, Holland, 2014, 10′


Editing: Maren Gedenk

Camera: Jasper Bruijns

Producer: Maren Gedenk


‘Nature 2.0’ is searching for the new understanding of nature. Nature as an untouchable phenomenon does not exist anymore. The humans changed nature. How do we represent nature for our needs? The film is a collage that shows the makers’ view on the shaped nature in our everyday life.

Dogan Village

Kader Çetintaş, Turkey, 2013, 19′


Editing: Esra Nur

Camera: Kader Çetintaş

Producer: Kader Çetintaş, Esra Nur, Yıldız Tarğay

Sound: Yıldız Tarğay


The film presents the lifestyle, life conditions, ways of earning livelihood and cultural values of people who live in Dogan village of Cemisgezek district of Tunceli.

Ecopolis China

Anna-Karin Grönroos, Finland, 2013, 56′


Editing: Mikko Sippola

Camera: Mika Mattila

Producer: Venla Hellstedt

Production Company: Illume Oy

Music: Ville Riippa

Sound: Martti Turunen


Finnish engineer Eero Paloheimo is dreaming of a new Silicon Valley, with space for 20,000 people and 10 “innovation centers” focused on developing clean technology and an ecological way of living. Giving up on Europe and the US, he has come to believe China might well have a pioneering role.

Sourdough - A Journey to Tenedos

Ertuğrul Musluoğlu, Turkey, 2014, 8′


Editing: Ertuğrul Musluoğlu

Camera: Çiğdem Boru

Producer: Ertuğrul Musluoğlu

Production Company: Act Creative Studios

Music: Hakan Toker

Sound: Ertuğrul Musluoğlu


The film tells the story of Ali Kader Erol who lives in İstanbul. He learns about sourdough incidentally and starts baking bread by using experimental methods. Then one day after a bike ride he saves himself from Istanbul and starts living in Tenedos. In this fim, the blending of sourdough, wheat and Tenedos, the amazing bacterial world of Tenedos and breads made with sourdough are waiting for you.


Aydın Kapancık, Turkey, 2013, 27′


Editing: Oktay Altunnar, Eral Güvenir

Camera: Aydın Kapancık

Producer: Selda Kaya Kapancık

Production Company: Oda film

Music: Simon Daum ‘in between’/’Piano and cello’


The film tells the stories of three people who live in Camlihemsin and whose stories are entangled with the place they live in. This struggle is full of solitude, a deep emptiness and lost memories.

Shanty Town

Emrah Kıl, Turkey, 2013, 11′


Editing: Emrah Kılıç, Kadir Ermaya

Camera: Tugay Kömürcü

Producer: Emrah Kılıç, Kadir Ermaya

Sound: Osman Demirel


Shanties are an expression of people’s freedom to build and form their own unique living areas in a city.

Leaving Behind

Mehmet Özgür Candan, Turkey, 2010, 39′


Editing: Yasin Ali Türkeri

Camera: Serdar Güven

Producer: Mehmet Özgür Candan

Production Company: ESR Film Yapım

Music: Kazım Koyuncu, Kolektif İstanbul


The film tells the story of the villagers who try to make a living by carrying the earth left from the wild waters of the river on their backs. They use the earth to create their own fields. Those villagers are forced to leave everything behind- their lands, houses and culture- since the dams on Coruh River make it impossible for them to live along the river.

Hey Goat!

Eda Elif Tibet, Turkey, 2014, 50′


Editing: Eda Elif Tibet

Camera: Eda Elif Tibet

Producer: Eda Elif Tibet

Music: İZ (Nomad Kazakh Music Group)

Sound: Eda Elif Tibet


The film intends to raise awareness on ways to support and protect nomadic pastoralists’ livelihood rights as well as understanding their cultural conservation practices and its effects on enhancement of biodiversity of the region.

Black Land

Stratis Vogiatzis, Greece, 2013, 26′


Editing: Thanasis Spyropoulos

Camera: Stratis Vogiatzis, Thekla Malamou

Producer: Caravan Project

Music: Chrysanthos Christodoulou


A documentary about the devastating fire that broke out on the island of Chios, Greece, in August 2012, considered as one of the biggest catastrophes in the island’s history. It documents people’s attempts to put out the fire, and the transformation of the landscape throughout the next year’s four seasons.

Ain't No Cinderellas!

Emel Çelebi, Turkey, 2014, 53′


Editing: Özlem Sarıyıldız, Emel Çelebi

Camera: Özlem Günhan

Producer: Emel Çelebi

Production Company: ZeZe Film

Music: Mircan Kaya

Sound: Melih Sarıgöl


Ain’t No Cinderallas!, the follow-up film of Housekeeper, chronicles the unionization struggle of women who work in an unregulated sector devoid of any social security rights and who undergo work-related accidents and lose their lives while cleaning the windows. Laboring without any rights also makes these women invisible in the eye of the public. The film observes these women fighting for their rights trying to make their labor visible and get the government to respond to their pleas for decent working conditions and coverage by the Union and Collective Bargaining Law.


Çetin Baskın, Metin Akdemir, Turkey, 2013, 12′


Editing: Veysel Cihan Hizar

Camera: Ali Kemal Çınar

Producer: Layen Film


‘Kupeli’ pond in Diyarbakır Suriçi which is located right at the bottom of the city walls and which has been in use for many years is a place of cooling for those who swim with their waistcloth and who have their own unique jumping styles. It is a place full of endless number of legends. It is also a place of gathering with its established jargon, rules and functioning created by those who visit the pond regularly. Kupeli pond is now under the threat of destruction due to an urban transformation project.


Musa Ak, Turkey, 2010, 24′


Editing: İshak Ayvaz

Camera: Hasan Basri Özdemir

Producer: Musa Ak

Music: Tuluyhan Uğurlu

Sound: Musa Ak


The difficulties experienced by people who live on the island of Mada, which is in the middle of Beysehir lake…


Ahmet Bikiç, Turkey, 2013, 04′


Editing: Ahmet Bikiç

Camera: Ahmet Bikiç

Producer: Nagihan Çakar

Music: İkü Çok Sesli Koro

Sound: Ahmet Bikiç


The ongoing wars in the Middle East have caused countless number of families to break apart and the children to grow up in orphanages. Left with feelings of terror and hatred after the war, these children always remember those awful memories.

Nile Perch

Josh Gibson, USA, 2013, 16′


Editing: Josh Gibson

Camera: Josh Gibson

Producer: Josh Gibson

Production Company: NA Müzik NA

Sound: Alex Markowski


In flickering black and white, ‘Nile Perch’ tracks a fish from a fisherman’s line on Lake Victoria in Uganda to export commodity. This hand-made film is a modern-day parable of the effects of globalization on Africa as well as meditation on the economic and ecological impact of an invasive species.

Oak and Scott: Pausing at High Speed

Sinem Yılancı, Sertan Ünver, USA, 2014, 30′


Editing: Sertan Ünver

Camera: Sertan Ünver

Producer: Sinem Yılancı, Francisco Rocco, Burcu Özmen

Production Company: Parfe

Music: Phil Leffler, Jerome Queron

Sound: Sinem Yilanci, Francisco Rocco


An urban tale told by the long-term residents of an ever-changing intersection of San Francisco. The film inquires about the changes in this central neighborhood and how all these changes impact the people who call this place their home.


M.Şakir Arslan, Turkey, 2014, 7′


Editing: Burkay Doğan, Yaprak Aydın

Camera: M.Şakir Arslan, Yaprak Aydın

Producer: M.Şakir Arslan, Yaprak Aydın

Sound: Yaprak Aydın


The old winefactory in Canakkale which seems abandoned, in fact, has been surrounded by its own people in time. Those are a group of young people who are living in different neighborhoods of the city and performing parkour.


Mikel Zatarain, Spain, 2013, 26′


Editing: Ambrosio Etcheveste

Camera: Joan Apelo

Producer: Mikel Zatarain

Production Company: Ambrosse Films

Music: Mursego

Sound: Xabier Hernaiz


The resolution of violent political conflicts results in a series of discussions about the reconstruction of the past that are sometimes so intense as the same conflict, symbolic struggle of interpretations. The history should be written from various parallel memories that argue and ensure that there can not be no one excluded.

Love of Painting

Adem Giliz, Turkey, 2011, 14′


Editing: Ahmet Giliz

Camera: Adem Giliz

Producer: Adem Giliz


Meryem Düzgün Kaya is a handicapped painter who lives in Kavacık, a village of Smyrna, Turkey. Kaya gives free painting courses to the children of village and hols exhibitions with them. She is able to do all of these in her one-roomed flat.