Telemach Wiesinger

Germany, 2015, 82′

Turkish Premiere

Photographer: Telemach Wiesinger

Editing: Telemach Wiesinger

Music: Alexander Grebtschenko

Sound: Alexander Grebtschenko

Producer: Telemach Wiesinger

Salhane, 16.10.2016 Sunday, 16.00 – 18.00

Synopsis: Tireless flaneur Telemach Wiesinger extends his repertoire of cinematic travelogues with another poetic collage of interconnected spaces and places gathered on numerous journeys across Europe and North America. Shot, as always, on 16mm, Wiesinger’s images have a singular feel that emerges from a confident mastery of materials and a precise sense of timing. The panoply of in-camera effects transforms he outside world into a wondrous and frequently otherworldly spectacle that hovers between realism and surrealism. Dr. Kim Knowles (curator Edinburgh International Film Festival & Professor University of Wales)

Biography: Telemach Wiesinger was born in Germany, in 1968. He studied Visual Communication at Hochschule Bildender Künste Universität. As filmmaker his experimental films are shown on numerous festivals and solo programs. With Andreas Gogol he received the Team-Work-Award 2007 for the film and music performance Landed Takes & Sound Times at the Festival for Expanded Media Stuttgart.
 He attended the University of Wisconsin, ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris, Institut of Art & Design Milwaukee, University of Wales Aberystwyth, Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg, Escuela de Arte Granada, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, University of Illinois at Chicago 
and others as a visiting lecturer. As photographer he is working for many art books and Solo-exhibitions: Contemporary Art Center


Premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Indie Cork, Ireland 2015

FIFE Île-de-France (Green Film network) – http://fife-english.iledefrance.fr/all-selection/kaleidoscope

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