Looking Back

Enrico Cerasuolo

Italy / Norway, 2013, 90′

Editing: Marco Duretti
Photography: Torstein Nodland
Music: Gregorio Caporale, Antonio Raspanti, Tommaso Cerasuolo
Sound: Krister Johnson
Producer: Massimo Arvat

Armagrandi Hotel, Thursday 16:00- 18:00

Synopsis: 40 years ago a book shook the world. “”The Limits to Growth”” was the result of research by a team of young scientists from MIT, commissioned by the Club of Rome, a think tank founded by Italian entrepreneur Aurelio Peccei. As one of the most controversial and inspiring studies of all times, today its key message is more relevant than ever: Planet Earth is a finite system in which exponential economic growth risks leading societies and the environment to overshoot and collapse.
Four decades after the book’s publication, economic and political shortsightedness continues to delay action despite the analysis that forecast current scenarios.
Today the authors of “”The Limits to Growth”” provide provocative insight into the reasons behind the ongoing global crisis and share their visions of mankind’s future. Is there still time for one last call?
Thanks to a host of archive materials, some of which are revealed to the public for the first time, and the voices of the people involved, director Enrico Cerasuolo immerses viewers in a compelling tale that sparks awareness of the urgent need to make the choices that will safeguard our planet’s future.

Director: “Enrico Cerasuolo was born in Venice in 1968. Degree in Political Sciences, Contemporary History. Documentary director and screenwriter.
Filmography (director and screenwriter):
From Garibaldi to Berlusconi, 150 years of Italian History, (2012, 118’).
The Hidden Face of Fear (2008, 52’).
Space Hackers (2007, 52’).
Peter’s Dream (2007, 54’).
Checosamanca (2006, 98’), collective documentary, episode on the street lawyers from Torino.
The Enigma of Sleep (2004, 60’)

2013 Cinemambiente – “The House of tomorrow” Award
2014 Cinema Planeta – Audience Award
2014 Euganea Festival – Parco Colli Euganei Award
2014 Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara – Audience Award
2014 Cineco Film Festival – Environmental Award
2014 Life Science Film Festival – Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management
2014 Roma Doc Scient – Best Scientific Documentary and Grand Jury Prize
2014 European Science TV & New Media Awards – Environmental Award

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye