Turkey, 2013, 64’

Editing: Alper Sen
Photgraphy: Andrea Luka Zimmerman
Producer: Gülen Güler
Producer Company: Yalan Dünya Film Ltd
Music: Murat Melih
Sound: Gülen Güler

‘Taşkafa’ is a documentary essay, a film about memory and the most necessary forms of belonging, through a search for the role-played in the city by Istanbul´s street dogs and their relationship to its human populations. Despite several major attempts by Istanbul´s rulers, politicians and planners over the last 400 years to exterminate them, the city´s street dogs have persisted thanks to an enduring alliance with widespread civilian communities, which recognize and defend their right to co-exist. Taşkafa is structured around readings by internationally acclaimed storyteller, essayist, and critic John Berger. The film opens a window on the contested relationships between power and the public, community and categorization (in location and identity), and the ongoing struggle / resistance against a single way of seeing and being.

Director Biography:
Andrea Luka Zimmerman is a filmmaker, writer and visual artist. Her films include ‘Prisoner Of War’. She was a founding member of the filmmaking collective Vision Machine (2001-2010), which made ‘The Globalization Tapes’. As part of the collaborative arts practice Fugitive Images (2009 and ongoing), Andrea co-created the internationally acclaimed public art installation i am here [2009-2013] and the book ‘Estate’. She is currently in production for her new essay film Estate (www.fugitiveimages.org.uk).

UK Film Critics- contribution to best films of Artangel UK, 2013

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