Emel Çelebi

Turkey, 2014, 53’

Editing: Özlem Sarıyıldız, Emel Çelebi
Photgraphy: Özlem Günhan
Producer: Emel Çelebi
Producer Company: ZeZe Film
Music: Mircan Kaya
Sound: Melih Sarıgöl

Ain’t No Cinderallas!, the follow-up film of Housekeeper, chronicles the unionization struggle of women who work in an unregulated sector devoid of any social security rights and who undergo work-related accidents and lose their lives while cleaning the windows. Laboring without any rights also makes these women invisible in the eye of the public. The film observes these women fighting for their rights trying to make their labor visible and get the government to respond to their pleas for decent working conditions and coverage by the Union and Collective Bargaining Law.

Director Biography:
Her first feature documentary ‘Housekeeper’ won the Best Documentary Award in 43rd Antalya Golden Orange Festival and received the Grand Prize in 9th Seoul Women’s Film Festival. ‘The Sisters of Lilith’ received the Best Balkan Documentary award in 8th Dokufest Documentary Film Festival. Emel Çelebi is one of the founders of DOCUMENTARIST – Istanbul Documentary Days.

Director Filmography:
Ain’t No Cinderallas!, 2014
The Sisters of Lilith, 2008
Housekeeper, 2006

As a producer, writer and editor:
Ain’t No Cinderallas!, 2014
The Sisters of Lilith, 2008
To Make an Example of, 2007
Housekeeper, 2006
Theo’s Gaze, 2003

Saraybosna, En İyi İnsan Hakları Projesi, FIFDH Cenevre, 2012
Sarajevo, The Best Human Rights Project, FIFDH Geneve, 2012


  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye