2016-Gaia Student Awards

Florian Hoffmann

Turkish Premiere

Switzerland, Germany, 2015, 84′, German, Sango

Photography: Katharina Diessner, Mathilda Mester

Editing: Sven Kulik

Music: Martina Colli

Sound: Gian Suhner

Salhane, 14.10.2016, Friday, 10:00-12:00

Synopsis: A journey from Africa to Berlin turns into an unexpected journey from childhood to adulthood. The film centers around Arlette, a 15-year-old girl from the Central African Republic who suffered severe injuries during the last war. In Berlin a surgery frees her from her year-long pain. This changes her both physically and mentally: suddenly Arlette is in her puberty.But then the war breaks out again in her homeland. What was planned to be a short stay in Berlin turns into a journey without a foreseeable end. Arlette is forced to grow up and take her own decisions about her future. Stranded in Berlin the young girl faces the challenges of a foreign culture and a language she doesn’t speak.

Biography: Florian Hoffmann was born in Berlin, Germany in 1987. After high school he worked in the development cooperation in West Africa. Afterwards, he completed his studies in social anthropology, sociology and political science at the University of Basel. Since 2011 he has been a directing student at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb).


46th Vision du Reél -Festival International de Cinéma Nyon, Switzerland,2015

39th Duisburger Filmwoche, Germany, 2015

26th Kinofest Lünen, Germany, 2015

28th International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015

15th Docpoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland, 2016

32nd International Festival “Sarajevo Winter 2016”

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016

13th Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg, Germany, 2016

17th Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden, 2016

11th Afrykamera – African Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2016

9th Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund, Köln, Germany, 2016

13th NEIßEFILMFESTIVAL, Reihe Spektrum, Germany, 2016

3rd Dokka Dokumentarfilmfestival Karlsruhe, Germany, 2016

Galway African Film Festival, Ireland, 2016


“Youth Jury Award”, 26th Kinofest Lünen, Germany, 2015 “The Prize of the Ecumenical Jury”, “Special Mention in the Best Documentary Film Category”, New Berlin Film Award – 12th Actung Berlin

  • Bozcaada Belediye Başkanlığı Bozcaada, Türkiye


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