Banana Peels Cruise


Salvo Manzone

Italy / France, 2012 /2013, 27′, Italian / French

Turkish Premiere

Photography: Luca Casavola

Editing: Salvo Manzone, Gabriele Galligani

Music: Pietro Palazzo

Sound: Danilo Romancino

Producer: Salvo Manzone

Salhane, 14.10.2016 Friday, 13.00 – 15.00

Synopsis: Despite of her eighty years, Aimée has been fighting for years for a right waste management at Stromboli. In this very small island near Sicily, it’s clear as the goodwill of the citizens could permit to realize a proper waste separation and home composting, instead of expensive shipping. On the contrary, the local government prefers creating the waste problem for rising funds. Her little local story becomes emblematic for the rest of Italy: garbage crisis, hampered environmentalists, corrupted politicians.

Biography: Salvo Manzone follows many workshops in film direction with Raul Ruiz, Abbas Kiarostami, Wiseman, Johan Van der Keuken, Daniele Ciprí and Franco Maresco. In 1999 he graduated in Electronic Engineering. Since 1997 he has been living in Paris where he works as documentary director, as well as engineer in the audiovisual field, translator and trainer. In 2001, he launched Epinoia, an association of young video-makers and since 2005 he has been working with the independent national French television Zalea TV. Since 2009 he has been directing many documentaries about ecology and waste.

2016 Canals and men, (20′)

2015 Colapesce is Back (52′),

2014 Waste Side Story, web documentary about Zero Waste prevention in Europe.

2013 Banana Peels Cruise (27′)

2011 Giorgio Conte, the Italian singer, produced by Storie di Note, (In editing)

2002 Claudio Lolli: when music saves your life (64′).


Cinemambiente Torino, 2012

Ischia Film Festival, 2012

Collecchio Video Film Festival Collecchio, 2012

Legambiente Eco Movies Vittoria, 2012

Cineforum in Domukratica Cagliari, 2012

CineEco – Festival Internazionale di cinema

ambientale, 2012

MediMed Barcellona, Spain, 2012

Ecomondo Rimini, Italy, 2012

Green Fest Belgrado, 2012

CIAKambiente Firenze, 2012

Cinemambiente Tour Lupus in Fabula Pesaro, 2012

Green Social Festival Bologna, 2013

Festival International du Film d’Environnement Paris, 2013

Visioni Ambientali, Bologna, 2013

FReDD Toulouse, France, 2013

Cinemaplaneta Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2013

Green Unplugged, USA, 2013

Filmambiente Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2013

STEPS film fest Kharkov, Ukraine, 2013

The Village Doc Festival Milan, 2013

Image de ville Aix-en-Provence, France, 2014

FReDD Toulouse, France, 2014

Beffest Petrozavodsk, Russia, 2014

Ecozine IFF Zaragoza, Spain, 2014

FICAMS Environmental Film Festival Punta Arenas, Chile, 2014

Wildlife Vaasa Festival Vaasa, Finland, 2014

Festival del cine de Lima, Peru, 2014

Festival la Novela Toulouse, France, 2014

GREEN VISION San Petersburg, Russia, 2014

Ecocup film festival Moscow, Russia, 2015


Special Prize The House of Tomorrow, Cinemambiente – Turin, 2012

First Prix, Film Festival sul Paesaggio Polizzi Generosa, 2012

Best Short Film, CineEco, Portugal, 2012

Special Mention, Visioni Ambientali 13a ed.- Bologna, 2013

First Prize , FrEDD Toulouse, 2014

Best Short Film, Ecozine IFF, Zaragoza, 2014

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